Today I wanted to give a feedback on our trip, as you asked before. First of all, we enjoyed the trip and any remarks I make in my feedback should not be taken as dislikes. The itinerary is very well balanced. I have not seen other islands near Singapore, but I assume you picked the most picturesque. In a more sunny weather it would have looked more beautiful. Sailing by Singapore center was a very nice part of the trip as well. Not anybody's fault that heavy rain stopped us from enjoying the night view more. It is important all moves were done quickly by the crew. Sometimes it takes ridiculously long to anchor or lift the dingy, but everything was fine on our trip.

Towels were a very convenient amenity on our trip, so my recommendation is to provide them if at all possible. Pizza was great, so thank you for arranging it. I believe it would be a great option you could offer to your clients on short notice. I found very nice sushi in Cold Storage in Paragon. Not sure if same are available in Sentosa, but could be a very nice addition to short notice menu, if you could offer that to guests. Fruit are definitely a must too. Drinks onboard were very good - thank you for having nice juices. And glasses were great!

Definitely want to notice that your lady crew member serving food did a great job as well as other crew members.

Thank you one more time! Feel free to ask any more detailed feedback. Oh, the audio system seemed to not perform too well. Sounded like the speakers and the amp are mismatched. You may want to have a look at it.

Looking forward to visit your boat again,



 Dear EagleWings Team,





Having our wedding party onboard with EagleWings Yacht Charters was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our guests were totally impressed with the crew, the ambience and not forgetting the food! The party was divided into 3 sessions, each for different group of friends and despite the packed schedule, the turnaround time was amazingly fast with the yacht tidied and cleaned before the guests for the next session arrives.


The yacht was charming, spacious and luxuriously decorated. It was clean, well maintained and well equipped. All the facilities and furnishings were in tip-top condition. Despite having a large group of guests, there were still plenty of room to move about. Our guests were especially excited with the wide range of activities available onboard. Service was impeccable. The staff was polite, accomodating and professional, paying utmost attention to our comfort and safety, especially during the water activities.


Initially, we were wary of the food prepared onboard, hoping that our guests would be having too much fun to pay attention to their tastebuds. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality and tastefully arranged food prepared within such limited time and space!


We received many compliments from our guests for the excellent choice of venue and the fun-filled session. This would not have been possible without the great support from Eaglewings and team!

My friends and i had a most delightful time on a cruise on Eaglewings on 13th Oct 2016. We were greeted by the friendly n courteous crew as we entered the yacht n was immediately charmed by what i saw.

The yacht was clean, well-equipped n beautifully furnished which gives a very cosy atmosphere. I love e layout n deco of e yacht, with plenty of space to relax both inside e yacht n on e deck, as i enjoyed a view of e spectacular s'pore skyline, including mbs n e s'pore flyer. 

The meals, drinks (must try the coffee) n service by e crew were superb n made me feel like i was in a 5star hotel.

Will certainly recommend the Eaglewings to my friends n family to try this exotic experience <3

- Wei Pin

Eaglewings adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk mengadakan acara bersama keluarga dan para sahabat. Dengan interiornya yang modern dan indah, kru kapal yang bersahabat dan dangat ahli di bidangnya, sudah menyambut kami dari awal dan selalu memberikan pelayanan yang sangat baik.

Mereka juga memiliki juru masak yang handal, terbukti dengan kelezatan dari makanan yang mereka sediakan, dari makanan pembuka sampai dengan makanan penutup. Sungguh merupakan pengalaman yang indah dan tidak terlupakan!!

- Helen

Eaglewings is a great choice to hold parties, weekend getaways or short gatherings with friends.

The yacht is very clean, spacious and provides more than sufficient entertainment facilities that can certainly accomodate to a big group of people.

The food served was splendid and the variety of food available was impressive. The crew is definitely friendly, capable, polite and well-trained.

It is a very much recommended experience.

- Helen Wirawan

What a wonderful experience on Eaglewings Yacht! The entire 4 hours on board was a magical one!

Firstly the interior decors were attractive and elegant. It is big, extremely well maintained, clean and spacious! We love all the bedrooms and bathrooms- clever use of space and with all the necessary amenities, great working showers and facilities.

The upper deck is impressive with nice size sitting areas, extremely relaxing with great views which we mostly stayed.

The captain and crew members were most attentive to details on what we need, friendly, pleasant and highly professional! The charming young chefs were superb in their selection of food, the presentation, the quality, the taste.

We have such a great time and definitely recommend to friends and families. We will be back!!!!!!

- Sharon Foo

I had the most relaxing and lovely cruise on board Eaglewings today. The food was excellent and the staff attentive and friendly. This yacht is beautiful and I couldn't have wished for a more memorable experience.

- Sng Jen Hui

The Chun (Ship) Si Beh big and swee! Vely Cheng Kee (clean) and song (shiok)! The crews and captain damn hor kwa (handsome) and they so welcome me.

The food vely hor chia, and Si Beh Tard Lui (worht the money)...

Jia hong on lao ing ship (crusing on eaglewings) cannot forget!

- Sharon 

It was a thouroughly enjoyable and memorable way to spend the afternoon. The cruise was very relaxing and it was very soothing to feel the sea air blowing on you. 

The food was delicous and beautifully presented and the crew were v friendly and welcoming.

The captain steered the ship very capably and willingly shared his knowledge in an interesting way. Definitely a must for those who want a different experience from the usual dinner parties

Agnes John

Eaglewings is both comfortable and luxurious. Elegantly done up yet cosy, with four Ensuite bedrooms, a nice dining and living area and a spacious and comfortable upper deck where one can just relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the wonderful sea breeze as the craft glides smoothly and effortlessly over the waters.

You will feel right at home from the minute you set foot on the boat.

From the warm reception by the helpful and professional crew, to the excellent food served, you will feel indulged and pampered. Truly an enjoyable experience!

Ching Farn


- Patsy Long






I had a pleaseant experience with Eaglewings. The place is cosy and well kept. Staff have a wonderful attitude, helpful approach and attentiveness to service. Thumbs up. Highly recommended :)

- Mikki

Had a lovely cruise on Eaglewings. She was large and spacious. The interior decor was beautifully done up. The staff were very friendly and attentive without being intrusive.

The buffet lunch was delicious! Definitely recommend it to anyone whi is looking for a fun and relaxing day out!

- Lilian

Even though it is super big with lots of space for everyone, it is also super cosy and luxurious! No one got seasick because she is so stable.

Perfect day out with the ladies!

- Annie Ang

Eagle Wings is an absolute delight! The entire boat was well maintained, and the service is superb! We were welcomed with a nice warm towel and a refreshing pretty orangey-red mock cocktail with a maraschino cherry.

The boat was spacious with more than ample space for our party of 14 to enjoy ourselves comfortably, whether in the cabin or out on deck. Nice touches with the mahjong table and keyboard.

And lunch was simply delicious. The simple Tom Yum Fried Bee Hoon had a nice kick, the osso bucco simply melted in your mouth. The rest of the meal from salad starters to Tiramisu dessert was a treat! Menu well planned. Compliments to the chef indeed!

- Lee-Na

The servicing was good. The staff were attentive and pleasant.

- Lucy Cheok

Dear Eaglewings Team

We just got home from the cruise. I must say all of us had a fabulous time, especially the children and those who think they are still young. The good weather was accompanied by better food, not to mention the wonderful crew who were ever so helpful and always trying to please.

Thank you brother for the blessing.

Much appreciation.

God bless you.

- David and all

Thank you to Eaglewings Team

Cherlyn and her friends had a blast.

Food and service was great. score 100!

- Jess Yeoh

The trip was awesome, we had a great time. Thanks for all the help!

- M. Borla

Hi Team EW

Thank you for your support for our club anniversary today.

The members who went on board enjoyed themselves tremendously! Your skipper and crew did a great job of hosting them and ensured a smooth ride.

- LY

Vincent & his crew have been fantastic. Thanks for everything. Cheers!

Really appreciate the efforts made by the crew. It was great fun!

Great job by Vince! Really... you have been fantastic. Thanks so much!

Everyone is great and they will be acknowledged, but it needed a leader like vince, who was very personable and made the whole experience customised.

All the guests were very impressed. So its a great endorsement for the eaglewings team.

OS for outstanding! Hahahaa

- Wai Mun

I had a wonderful cruise on Eaglewings. Excellent food with great company

- Su-Anne

To Captain CJ and Captain Deen - Thanks for keeping us safe and we truly enjoyed every bit of the journey!

To your 2 fabulous Chefs Lance and Aron - Thanks for the awesome and delicious food. Can still smell the wagyu beef... haha.. p/s : Don't forget to send me the 'secret' recipe ya... hahahah :)

To your 2 beautiful assistants Shila and Cayce - Thanks for the excellent services - swift, steady and cool :)

- Iskandar Malaysia

We were absolutely impressed by how grand and beautiful Eaglewings Yacht Charter was! We loved the cosy interiors, with its clean and pleasing decor. The Staff were all very friendly and made us feel at home as soon as we stepped into the yacht. The rooms were luxurious and comfortable too! Looking forward to enjoying the experience provided by this outstanding charter once again.

- Stephanie & Jason 

Thank you so much for everything. Really really appreciate the kind reception from you guys. Makes the whole event even more enjoyable!!

Excellent service provided by the crew! Best of the best!! Everyone on board was just singing praises of how good the service was the whole time! Highly highly recommended

- Yvonne

Thank you for the enjoyable experience.The staff was very helpful, friendly and professional, and you wer able to take all sorts of unforeseen problems in your stride (eg: possibility of too many guest, sudden unplanned order of champagne, etc.

- Lifelearn CEO

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me organise this party! It was my best birthday celebration ever! My friends were very happy and impressed. You've indeed raised the bar too high this time round!
Will definitely recommend my friends to you if they ask for yacht recommendations!
Thank you once again, to you and your team! I'm sure you saw how crazy we were! =p


Keith Poon

"Our Corporate event last Saturday for 40 VIP clients was a great success. The luxurious and spacious yacht sailing around the coast on a sunny afternoon provided a dream setting for our business presentations. The crew was first class and served excellent food and wine to all our guests. We will surely hold another event on board soon."


Vincent Lam

Senior vice president

Air Partner

Bizsmart Guest: "thought it would be another dreadful event, but it turn out to be an amazing experience to be on a luxurious yacht, accompanied with great food and drinks. Being on a yacht actually made networking more effective and turns out to be really fun"


Bizsmart Host: "we wanted a very different experience for our guests at our luanch event. Eaglewings is a great venue for both business and social functions. Even at maximum capacity, it is still spacious and comfortable for our guests to mingle. It's been two months and our guests are still talking about their experience at EagleWings!